Customers Can Now Order Brizo Pure!!!

The partnership and launch of Brizo Pure with the first-ever Whole Flower Hemp CBD just reached its next phase!

Now your customers can create their own accounts and place orders.

Learn how to help your customers create their own accounts below. 

January has been an incredible month at Tranont! Let’s close out the month strong.

-Craig Kotter
VP, Sales

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If They Don’t Already Have A Tranont Customer Account, How To Create An Account:
1. Click “Buy Now” at, then click “Create Brizo Pure Account”
2. Change the Referring ID from the default “3” to your unique Associate ID.

Tip: Hit “Find Sponsor” and search for the first or last name, select the right sponsor, and the information will auto fill. 

3. Complete the order, shipping, and billing information.

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