New Associates

We want to be the first to welcome you to the Tranont family!

To launch your business correctly (and efficiently) we have compiled the BEST tools to help you organize, simplify, and expedite your success. 

1.  Tranont’s Vice President of Sale, Craig Kotter, has created a video which covers each aspect of how anyone can create a success story.

Below we have attached ‘The Launch Video’. Please make sure you watch this and take notes.

Click Here For Launch Video

Also make sure you are checking your e-mails from Tranont Corporate which will include weekly/monthly online Training and  organization-wide conference calls with exciting announcements. 

2. Below are some Launch Documents that will help you set up for success. This is YOUR master plan and it will give you a track to run on. Work through it with the person who sponsored you and continue to check each of the boxes until you’ve completed each step on the launch form.

Launch Sheet – Updated
Click Here For Tranont Warm Market Memory Jogger

>> Get clear on your real why (share it with us)
>>Start making your list (keep growing it)
>>Start inviting guests to the next event (text us to find out events in your area)
>>Get your CORE activated, Get your story, Get your Jeep, GET FREE!

3. Schedule your CNA (Confidential Needs Analysis — 2-hour consultation) with a Tranont Wealth Specialist.
Talk to your Ruby or above about scheduling this or you can text Kathryn Belleville (541-579-1305) for available dates & times.
Tranont has a recorded a call that is mandatory for everyone to listen to PRIOR to attending their CNA appointment. You can listen to the link below:

1. Watch the CNA Info Video
Click Here For CNA Video

2. Watch the Wealth Plan Overview

3. Make sure that you connect to these two Facebook Groups:
    ‘Tranont Team Summit’ (our TEAM)
    ‘It’s A New Day!’ (the entire Dowd/Deeble Team: 212 Dream Team)

4. As we continue to expand rapidly, it is very important that you and your team start multiplying — the fastest way to grow momentum is to attend and promote training events.

The Northwest has been blessed to have multiple visits from top money earners and co-founders — we need to keep their attention through attendance and double our numbers. We can and will achieve that goal together.

Register for our next Regional Event.  You can find the information under the Events Tab under your state.

The National Training Events are life changing experiences.  They take your business to the next level.  These are CAN’T MISS Events!!!  You can find the details under the Events Tab under Conventions.

We are THRILLED you’ve chosen to join us in this adventure to Change The World One Household At A Time!

Here’s to climbing the SUMMIT of Your SUCCESS, together!

Your Team Summit Leaders