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Watch EVP Mr. Craig Kotter present Tranont OpportunityOverview with the NEW Health, Wealth and Community information.

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New Health, Wealth and Community Docs
1-7 Overview
Membership Application Updated Jan 1 2018
Comp Plan
Health Products Info Sheet
The NEW Health CORE Brochure

Product Info
—Life Updated Ingredients PDF
Life Updated Directions PDF
Life Updated Full Label PDF

Balance Updated Ingredients PDF
Balance Updated Directions PDF
Balance Updated Full Label PDF

Vibe Updated Ingredients PDF
Vibe Updated Directions PDF
Vibe Updated Full Label PDF

Large Quantity Product Orders
We are now able to place larger orders without paying for shipping for each health pack — check this out!

🔸Step 1:   In Associate Center, select Order Now (or press shopping cart)
🔸Step 2:   Select desired product — can add all health packs or add additional life/vibe bottles to order
🔸Step 3:   Manually type in amount of bottles or health packs (do not use – or + signs) select update
🔸Step 4:   Verify it matches the volume you’re looking for & select Check Out
🔸Step 5:   Notice the quantities will not not update on this page (it will just say 1) but the total will include the amount you manually submitted in step 3 & the $32.95 shipping (WOW!!)

This is a huge blessing for our team to have a stock on hand.  There are multiple reasons to have your own inventory:
-product on hand sells 10x more
-it provides a cool retail bonus when sold for retail
-putting product in a new associate/preferred customers hands Day 1 will get testimonials 10x faster!

If you need support placing an order like this or if you want it to count for GV in a specific leg, check with your upline SFC or above.

Happy Ordering!!!